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How to Choose a Glucose Meter




You would most likely need to measure the amount of sugar in your blood if you are diagnosed with diabetes. There are a lot of factors which affect the level of sugar in your blood such as food, exercise, stress, medications, and etc. In order to better manage your blood sugar level, you must track it and take note of any fluctuations which may occur.


There are a lot of types of blood glucose meters ranging from basic models to advanced and detailed meters with additional features which you can use to determine more data about your blood sugar level. In order to get the best out of your money for a meter, you must weight your options and needs before buying one.


                It can help to know the basics of how the blood glucose meter works before availing for one. The most common and basic one requires the use of a clean lancet and a test strip plus its device. You insert the test strip into the device and then you prick your fingertip with a clean lancet to get a drop of blood. You would then carefully touch the test strip to your blood and wait patiently for the results to show on the screen.


Blood glucose meters are generally accurate in measuring blood sugar when they are properly used, stored, and maintained. They differ in features depending on the ones which you require. A number of factors which you should think about when choosing a blood glucose meter is listed below:


o             Cost - Ensure that you take into consideration the cost of blood sugar test strips since meters can vary in price.


o             Easier usage and easier maintenance - There are meters which are easier to use and maintain than other meters. You should see if you can effortlessly read and distinguish the results on the screen, if both of the meters and test strips are easy and comfortable to hold, the difficulty of how easy it is to put blood on the test strips and how much drop/s of blood is required in order for the machine to read the sugar levels.


o             Insurance Coverage - There are some insurance providers which would limit their coverage to a number of specific models and none other and there are some which would limit the amount of number of test strips allowed or both. Consult with your insurance provider in order to know if there are limitations.